General Information 

What is Maverest Dental Alliance? 
Maverest Dental Alliance is a preferred provider dental network owned and managed by a partnership of health care consultants and dentists. Maverest is not an insurance company or third party claim administrator. Maverest Dental Alliance is a network of dental providers that can be utilized by insurance companies, self-funded employers, unions, third party claim administrators (TPA’s), and medical-only PPO’s. 

How does Maverest help employers? 
Maverest Dental Alliance helps employers by providing a comprehensive dental network which their employees can access through a participating insurance company, through a participating TPA, or directly through their own self-funded dental plan. 
How does Maverest help participating dentists? 
Maverest Dental Alliance dentists are promoted to thousands of potential new patients each month. Maverest monitors the activities of many dental PPO’s, HMO’s, and dental insurance programs in order to update fee schedules and evaluate other pertinent practice management information whenever necessary. At no charge to participating dentists, Maverest  provides a fee analysis tailored to their specific fee schedule and geographic area (a $1000 value). Revenue enhancement and quality management assistance is also available from us. 
How does Maverest help employees? 
If employees use a Maverest dentist, they (and their covered dependents) can save 25% to 35% on their out-of-pocket expenses for the portion of their dental claim that is not covered by their dental plan. That includes the employee’s out-of-pocket costs for their portion of coinsurance, the out-of-pocket expenses for dental services that exceed their annual benefit maximum, and dental services that are provided by a network dentist but are not covered under their dental plan (orthodontia or dental implant expenses). 
How do you select a dentist with Maverest? 
When using the Maverest Dental Alliance network, the employee is not required to pick a dentist (as in HMO-type dental plans). Whenever dental care is needed, a dentist is selected from the Maverest Dental Alliance network directory. When making an appointment, the employee (or covered dependent) should inform the dental office they are a member of the Maverest Dental Alliance. This will alert the dental office as to the applicable fee arrangement (co pays and deductibles) based on the Maverest Fee Schedule and the participant’s benefit plan.  NOTE: Maverest Dental Alliance does not impose any penalty for changing dentists. We know that selecting a dentist is a very personal matter and we want our members to be happy with their choice. However, if an employee or dependent changes from a Maverest Dental Alliance dentist to an “out-of-network” dentist, additional out-of-pocket expenses may be incurred. 
What are the advantages of selecting a Maverest participating dentist? 
In addition to saving money, there are a few other reasons. If you did not have dental coverage previously, if you are new in the area, or if you have never needed much dental care, our participating dentist directory gives you a wide selection of experienced providers. Each dentist in the Maverest Dental Alliance network has documented their state license status and compliance with mandated minimum requirements for professional liability insurance. 
Are claims handled differently under Maverest? 
No, there is no change required in the way claims are submitted. 
If you have more questions contact Maverest... 
Contact your organization’s benefit administrator or contact Maverest Dental Alliance, Inc.  

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